Transparent bubble tent

Transparent bubble tent will provide you a dream vacation

Did you ever fantasize about glass house and being able to see everything around you? Transparent bubble tent will be an amazing discovery for you. Holleyweb invented an inflatable bubble tent that will give you an amazing experience of living outside but with all comforts of home.

Transparent bubble tent for adventurers

For me, the perfect joy in life is sitting with the warm cup of coffee somewhere on the seaside, looking through the window and watching the sky and the waves. Or imagine those fabulous winter evenings when you are with your loved one, enjoying the snow and the view of your garden?Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could enjoy all these things and be outside but still with the feeling of being home? That’s exactly what this four-meter tent provides!

It  can house two people and among other things, it’s waterproof and fire retardant. However, you should need a place where you can plug in the tent’s blower in order for a tent to be inflated.

The nature adventures will be a whole new experience with this device! Not to mention that you can totally surprise your loved one with the unsuspected trip to some beautiful place! Imagine her face when she realise that she is gonna spend the night at the beach, watching the stars and the waves! You can even pick a rainy day. There is something about the rain when you just wanna snuggle in the arms of your love and watch the rain drops… You can prepare the whole adventure upfront, bring her favorite books, coffee and a warm blanket and here you are! You will have your perfect day!

For all the adventurers out there, this transparent bubble tent is super cool and affordable solution. So, get yourself one and go for the adventure!