I am addicted to you - TOXIC REALTIONSHIP 1




There’s a small line between love and obsession, and a toxic relationship can look a lot like love.

I don’t think the two €” toxicity and love €” are naturally absolute. You can be at the beginning of falling in love and create a toxic bond at the same time.

But these relationships will never have a success They will never continue or grow into real love, because they don’t get past the first step €” the one that is going by only emotion.

In order to create a loving and durable relationship, it’s important to see toxicity. If you catch at the right time, you can put into your relationship in a better, healthier and more promising way.


You can do this only if you obtain that some relationships are beyond recovering. Sometimes two people just can’t make it to function. But toxic relationships are going by passion and desperate want. You can’t stop thinking about the other person. You don’t know how to forget it.

I know how intoxicating a relationship like this can become. I’ve been there, and I can tell you this moment that it isn’t going to function. You’re going to try and try to make it function, but you’ll be hurt every time.

Sometimes it’s the form. Sometimes the person you love isn’t yet grown up enough to handle a true and loving relationship. Sometimes your partner’s uncertainty €” or yours,   €” can take you into a relationship that have a sens like love does.

But it isn’t true love, and people from your company   can see that. From a distance, it just looks like a lot of pain and hurt for the two of you.

Sometimes two people simply aren’t right choice. Once a relationship becomes fully toxic, the chance of creating real love goes out through the window. Both of you become taken by emotions and obsessed.

You lose a true look of what’s truly important.


If you know your relationship is toxic, the way is crystal: Figure a path to put it back on right way, or jump ship.

Real love cannot occur in a toxic relationship.

You must first restore your relationship before you can even think of discovering true love within it.

But sometimes that won’t happen. Relationships are always hard. Two people have to come out from their lives and appreciate each other’s decisions. As I’m sure you know, getting two people to agree on something can be so hard.

When you’re in a toxic relationship, facining it or accepting its toxicity isn’t easy. The two of you believe what you’re feeling is love. You think your addictive behavior and switching feelings are normal.

You need to step away from these thought. I won’t lie to you and tell you that love and obsession are absolute. They do flap however, until you can both go on from the part of love that is consumed by emotion, you’ll never face its depths.

There’s more to love than €œfeeling € it.

The only way to avert a purely toxic relationship is to create that relationship on hard ground. You need to build it on a material that won’t break under your feet.

In other words, build it on something more stronger than emotions. Our emotions aren’t made on reality; they’re based how we see reality.

And we often see love as a mix of emotions. This is a strong   toxic choice, and it means that we question our love everytime we have bad feelings about it.

Negative emotions crush us. They make us to change the way they think. When that occurs, we’re faced with another wave.

Eventually, we are under it


Not all toxic relationships put together toxic people.

People aren’t born smart. We don’t realize the world until we get our hands unclean and start searching. And the same goes for our understanding of ourselves.