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Top 5 Breakfast Smoothies for Weight Loss



There is nothing better to do something positive for your health first thing in the morning !


Scrumptious Vanilla Shake Blast


Dessert for breakfast ? Save Me! This smoothie is packed with all natural – protein, which not only makes you feel full longer , but has been shown to help weight loss – will help keep those unwanted pounds!


Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Blast


Love is in the air – and therefore antioxidants ! Tons of flavor and antioxidant-rich cocoa feed your body the moment you step out of bed to begin his morning surprisingly tasty .


Mood-Boosting Breakfast Blast


For these people, ” not a morning person there,” this is for you ! Simple ingredients and a few seconds are all you need to get your spirits fly – and your metabolism roaring !


Green Breakfast Blast


Surprisingly creamy and sweet , this green breath punches in protein when you need it . Hydration is also the perfect combination when you are in a hurry and head for the door.


Hangover Blast


No judgment here ! This breath contains soothing ingredients that moisturize and reduce nausea and headaches , but also ingredients rich in fiber and a burst of green detoxification – for weight loss in digestion and movement.