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Top 19 Sleepwear Look in Fashion Trends 2016

Do you know that we spend almost one-third of our lives sleeping? The bedroom must be not only your place to relax but also a place of having nice moments with your partner! Girls know these moments when the relationship is new and fresh, and you can’t wait to wear some fancy sleepwear and impress your new partner. The shopping of lingerie becomes joyful and those moments of expectations and mystery, falling in love and making each others happy are the best!

Besides that, every one of us wants the sleepwear to be comfortable so we can relax after a long work day. Every woman knows that materials that are used for sleepwear should be natural and skin friendly.

In the gallery below, you can find interesting models of sleepwear. Some of them are designed for your special, intimate moments and some for comfortable sleep and nice, relaxing dreaming.

On the first picture, you can find really interesting design – sleepwear that resembles the work outfit. It is the beautiful combination of style and elegance and on the following picture,  you can see a trendy, black, stylish combination.

The next three pictures bring the sexy looks – those are the perfect choice for intimate moments. The beautifully tailored fabric that follow the shapes of the women’s body will certainly have an astonishing effect. The red is the color of love, so this red babydoll will give you attractive look that your partner couldn’t resist.

Some women prefer to wear comfortable sleepwear. You can see different models in the gallery with bright, pink colors and bar pattern which gives the models a ton of style. You can also choose an adorable pink nightgown with a print or trendy, grey Victoria Secret nightgown.

The cute pink sleeping shorts with blouse can be a perfect compromise between sexy and comfortable outfit! On the latest pictures, there are Victoria Secrets sleepwear models that  can be worn every day. They simply give the comfortable feeling even when you simply look at them. At the same time, this sleepwear remains trendy, charming and chic!


Pick your own sleepwear combination and be glamorous and chick in 2016!