Fall In Love

Top 15 Shoes And Bags From NYFW You Will Instantly Fall In Love With

We can’t tell what it is exactly about us girls that makes us fall in love with fashion so hopelessly over and over again. It’s a kind of love that is highly addictive and never fades away or lets us down.

Let’s be honest, it’s much safer to fall in love with a pair of shoes than with a random hot guy carrying a dazzling smile – shoes are guaranteed to never break your heart. That’s why you should never forget to nurture your love for fashion or blame yourself for enjoying the ‘forbidden’ little pleasures of shopping for new stylish accessories. That’s, however, how we help ourselves to justify   our absolute obsession with these newest trendy items from NYFW.

It took us only a couple of seconds to fall in love with some of the hottest items from the New York Fashion Week – and we’re craving ever since. While it’s usually mostly the outfits that are in the main focus at NYFW, what occupied our attention the most and inflamed our fashion dreams were the ‘side’ items – endlessly beautiful shoes and bags.

Get ready to fall in love with the most amazing bags and shoes from NYFW

Doubtlessly, NYFW once again came up with the richest variety of most stunning outfits, but for us, it was the accessories that stole the show. After all, it’s the accessories that grant every outfit we wear a more special and unique look, that crucial, chic finishing touch we can always rely on. This year’s NYFW saw some of the most striking and absolutely gorgeous pairs of shoes and bags, with a rich variety of brands.

Check out the most ravishing fashion items from NYFW that we picked out to satisfy your fashion appetites, but before you scroll down, we must warn you: you WILL fall in love.