Best Books of the Year 2015

Top 12 Best Books of the Year 2015

The year 2016 is upon us and some of our New Years resolutions are to read more and to find some good, interesting books. For those that just love to read books, we made a list of 12 best books of the year 2015. Whether they are in the fiction category, psychology or teen section, they prove to be the interesting material that caught the attention of book geeks.

1. The bazaar of bad dreams, by Stephen King

One of the best Books of the Year 2015 written by Stephen King who is a wonderful storyteller and in his new books he delivers a collection of stories with interesting topics. The stories cover the themes of morality, guilt or hypothetical situation of what would be done differently if we knew the future and would be able to change the mistakes from the past.

2.See me, by Nicholas Sparks

One of the best Books of the Year 2015 written in the fiction category, another wonderful book about love and the obstacles that one couple is trying to overcome. Colin Hancock and Maria Sanchez fall in love,  but both of them bring their own past into the relationship. The male character is trying to give his life a second chance and to follow a straight line in life, avoiding bad things and decisions in the past, while Maria seems to have almost flawless life path. But, as their relationship develops, things from Maria’s past come to the surface…

3.Rogue lawyer, by John Grisham

One of the best Books of the Year 2015 written by John Grisham. From a very well known author comes his latest book, where he portrays a non-typical lawyer. His character, Sebastian Rudd, defends the worst among the worst: a drug-addled, tattooed kid who is in a satanic cult, who is suspected to be a child molester  and accused of murdering two little girls or a homeowner who was shooting at SWAT team that mistakenly invaded his house. Sebastian Rudd believes that everyone is entitled to a fair trial. He hates injustice and he doesn’t like banks, insurance companies or big corporations. With his carefully portrayed character, this book is a master of a legal thriller.

4.All the light we cannot see, by Anthony Doerr

One of the best Books of the Year 2015 came  from the winner of the Pulitzer prize comes an astonishing novel about a blind French girl and a German boy who meet in occupied France and try to survive the horror of the World War II. It is a story of two people who are good to one another, against all odds, the story of compassion and understanding.

5.Paper Towns, by John Green

If you are a teenager, you will certainly love Paper towns. This book was a winner of the Edgar Award for Best Young Adult Mystery. The interesting plot is about two teenagers, a boy and a girl, who meet each other in the middle of the night . The boy,  Quentin Jacobsen, follows a girl who is dressed like a ninja. She plans ingenious revenge. He joins her in the process but as the day breaks, she vanishes, leaving him clues that he must follow to find her…

6.The Martian, by Andy Weir  

The famous book that was turned into a movie with Matt Damon in a leading role covers the theme of the main character, who is an astronaut and among the first men walking on Mars. But, after the dust storm, that nearly killed him and his crew, he is left behind on Mars alone, trying to survive the harsh conditions…

7.A Game of Thrones (A song of ice and fire), by George R.R. Martin  

A Game of Thrones is certainly amongst most popular television series nowadays. You should read the original books that were the inspiration to the series. It is full of mystery, love, romance and bloodshed. It will keep your attention for sure!

8.The Art of the deal, by Donald Trump

For those who like to be well informed, the presidential candidate reveals the secrets that made him America’s most successful deal maker.

€œI like thinking big. I always have. To me it’s very simple: If you’re going to be thinking anyway, you might as well think big. € €”Donald Trump

9.Grey: Fifty shades of Grey as Told by Christian, by E.L.James

One of the best Books of the Year 2015 , that raised so many controversies, continues to surprise us. An intriguing story of emotional emptiness, control, falling in love and finding the true identity of one’s self, this book will certainly be something that you will think of long after being read. Cold Christian Grey, young and successful, who likes to control everything falls in love with a girl who can actually see him behind all this glamour and success and who can actually see the real him, his wounded, lonely soul.

10.The witches: Salem, 1692, by Stacy Schiff

One of the best Books of the Year 2015 came from One of the famous stories about the women who were accused of doing witchcraft and later burned on a bonfire from a Pulitzer winner author, Stacy Schiff. The story began in 1692 when a minister’s daughter began to scream and convulse. The story ends with tragic victims, 19 men and women had been hanged. The book covers one of the prominent events in the American history and it is brilliantly written.

11.Humans of New York, stories, by Brandon Stanton

The photographer, Brandon Stanton began an ambitious project- he collected the stories from his fellow citizens in New York, capturing the life moments of many unknown people. His Facebook page soon started to be followed by hundreds and later even millions of people. Stories of small, ordinary people and their everyday’s struggle became viral. When he published his first book in 2013 it soon became NY best seller.

12.The power of I Am: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today, by Joel Osteen

This is one of the books that you must have. The author explores the ways in which people can learn to stop criticizing themselves and how to find their inner strength. He shows the ways of finding the right path to developing your own strength and your own talents.

We hope that you can find the books that you like on this list. Enjoy reading! The Below are top 12 Books in 2015 picked by readers according to Amazon: