toast roll ups

Toast roll ups with strawberry and Nutella – yummy!

Hello girls, is any of you on a diet? No? Great! Because we bring you the easiest and sweetest recipe for toast roll ups with Nutella and strawberry that will make your day, for sure!

Have you ever been in a situation that you crave for something sweet or you have a sudden visit of guests or friends and you need to come up with something fast!? We are sure you did, at least every friend of mine went through similar situation. This recipe will sweep you of your feet! It is so easy, so fast and so delicious that it will be your favorite, after you do it for the first time.

Toast roll ups – the easiest way to impress your guests

You don’t need any special ingredients or even dishes, all you need is toast bread, Nutella, strawberries,butter, eggs and rolling pen. So, take the sliced bread, cut off the crust and flatten the bread with a rolling pen. Then, spread Nutella all over the flatten bread, put strawberries on one end and roll it up. Prepare french toast mix with one table spoon of sugar,half cup milk,and one egg in a medium bowl, mixed together.

Submerge every toast roll ups into this mix and then fry it on the frying pen. After they got fried, use the powdered sugar  and sprinkle it all over our delicious toast roll ups or roll them into sugar mixed with cinnamon . And you are done! It is simple as that!

The great idea would be also to serve it with an ice cream, so you would have a delicious treat for your guests!

Strawberries are delicious and healthy fruit, rich in antioxidants. They are  on the fourth place among all fruits when it comes to the antioxidant levels. Antioxidants are substances that  serve as protectors of your cells. They fight against the free radicals and help you stay healthy and young. So, besides being extra yummy these toast roll ups have some pretty healthy ingredients. And they are sooo easy to make, don’t you think?

We wish you a sweet toast roll ups afternoon with your friends! Enjoy!