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Tips On Wearing A Little Black Dress During Winter


Little black dress grew up to be a truly iconic piece of clothing in everyone’s wardrobe. And for a good reason too, it is a perfect answer to all of our dressing needs. Unfortunately, as winter approaches we see little use for it €“ it is not the warmest piece of our attire and even if we wear it, it is not visible under various layers of sweaters and coats. Luckily there are ways and means to make you little black dress wearing dreams come true even under the harsh snowy sky of winter.


Fashion is all well and good, but the single most important thing during winter is to cover you body as much as you can. That does not mean you are unable to incorporate your little black dress in your outfit. Sheer tights in combination with it look sexy and sensual. Black color is a sure hit, but you might also want to experiment with colors €“ try neon shades for leggings which will make you look chic and keep you warm.


Legs get cold fastest during winter, and it is crucial not to let that happen. Wear boots and whole shoes to protect your feet. Maybe even more important, they go amazingly well with you little black dress. Choose colors wisely, solid and neutral colors work best in this instance.   Brown, blue, black €“ they are all good as long as they are not too shiny or vibrant. Keep it moody for that extra elegant look.


Scarfs are one of the more exciting things winter brings, fashion-wise. There is as many ways to wear a scarf as there are snowflakes In the sky €“ and many of them go fantastically well with you little black dress. Let it hang from your shoulders for a cool look or tighten it in an elegant knot for a more formal one, choices are a plenty €“ all you have to do is decide!