I am addicted to you - Tips On Carrying Pink Lipstick Shades For Dusky Skin Diva 2

Tips On Carrying Pink Lipstick Shades For Dusky Skin Divas


If you thought the pale fair Indian lady (blame it on the stereotypical Indian media) could convey hot pink lipstick shades and charm the world, reconsider. From Priyanka Chopra to Bipasha Basu, Mukta Godse to Lara Dutta and more, our Bollywood divas with dusky to dark skin tones have demonstrated to us PYTs with ebony touches, how to wear pink lipstick shades and walk the discussion as well! Here’s to the gorgeous skin tones over the palette and wearing pink is yet an inheritance for each tone and shade! Take that so-called fashionistas who make the distinction for no reasons at all, in the matter of wearing pink lipstick shades.



Pretty much as the shades of red would be, the shades of pink too discuss an erotic touch to those delicious lips; just when picked right and applied well. Having said that, before you rush to get one of the hot pinks doing the patterns this season, here’s an alert to pay regard as well- ALL PINKS DON’T SUIT THE INDIAN DIVA WITH DUSKY SKIN! Examine pink lipstick shades for Indian skin.


For the woman with not wheatish dark complexion, wearing pale pinks would make her face paler. Henceforth wearing pale roses, mauve pinks or beige and nude pinks would be work well.


For the woman with fair to light wheatish tones, wearing peachy pinks to somewhat blue red pinks or violetish pinks would be extraordinary, magenta as well.


For the woman with medium olive dusky skin tones, wearing deep pinks to wine pinks, brown-pinkish tones to magenta and berry pinks are an extraordinary decision.