4 great tips how to bit jealousy in your relationship

Relationships can sometimes be difficult, we all know that! If there is love, there will be jealousy as well! But, what to do when the jealousy becomes too excessive and beyond normal limits? Many couples face this problem and we all experienced this terrible feeling at least once in our lives. And it’s not pleasant at all!

If jealousy becomes excessive, people tend to show possessive behaviour which will eventually suffocate love in the long term. So, if you are the one in the relationship that struggles with this feeling, here are some tips that you should think about.

Tips how to bit jealousy and not to ruin your relationship


1. Find the cause of your fear

Every jealousy, if it’s not justified by the previous misbehaviour of the partner, is actually fear that we are not good enough. It may stem from our childhood and parents who were not supportive. Sometimes, people carry all sorts of deep problems if they were not loved enough in their childhood or accepted by their parents.

Then, they tend to transfer those feelings to the partner and project different sets of emotions that don’t even exist. They fear that their partners will not love them because they are not worth of loving. It is so important to reveal all of this psychological processes so we can have relationships that are full of love and positive emotions. If you are experiencing jealous feelings without an obvious reason, ask yourself: do I think that I am a unlovable person? If the answer is yes, the answer why you feel this way is lying in the past, not in the present.

2. Build your self-esteem

It is totally normal for all man and women to feel a little bit insecure with themselves. However, this can change! You can build your self-esteem and along with that, your need to compare yourself with others will be gone and the jealousy as well.