Right Athletic Shoes

2 Important Tips For Choosing Right Athletic Shoes

Anyone who has ever done some sport, knows that wearing right athletic shoes is crucial, not only for the maximum comfort during the training, but also to protect your feet and even health.

How to choose right athletic shoes

First of all, it’s important to understand that the properly fitting shoes make all the difference whether you just walk or run. Choosing the wrong kind of footwear can leave you with aching heels and incapable of doing sports for days.

And although most specialty stores that sell sports shoes have knowledgeable and experienced staff to guide you, it’s very useful to arm yourself with some basic knowledge about the specific needs of your feet.


  1. First of all, don’t buy one pair of shoes for multitasking – there’s a good reason why there’s a division that recognizes running shoes, that are flexible and have extra cushioning for handling greater impact, and walking shoes that are somewhat stiffer. So if you’re doing both activities, buy a pair for each.
  1. Know your foot. Yes, we all have the same number of toes and two heels, but different feet come in different shapes, and knowing your own is key to choosing the right athletic shoes. Most big brands now have a model to suit every type. Determine the shape of your foot by wetting your foot and making a trace on a brown paper.


If the footprint shows the whole sole of your foot, you’ve got flat feet or low arches and your feet with appreciate shoes with motion-control and maximum support.

If your footprint shows only one portion of your heel and forefoot with a narrow connection between the two, you have underpronation and should look for cushioned footwear and a soft midsole.

If your foot print shows a distinct curve on the inside, then you have a neutral arch and should choose a ‘stability’ shoe that features the right mix of support and cushioning.

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Right Athletic Shoes



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Right Athletic Shoes



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Right Athletic Shoes