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Three of the easiest DIY jewelry items made from nothing but discarded materials!



1.       Neck Tie Bracelet:

To make a neck tie bracelet, you’ll need an old neck tie, a funky button and a needle and thread for stitching. First of all cut out the neck tie into the needed length (according to the size of your bracelet). After that fold the rough cut end and stitch it up to make a smooth, neat end.   Now sew the funky button of your choice on the smooth (stitched up) end.  The next step is a little tricky- you need to cut a tiny vertical slit onto the opposite end, this slit is for the button hole so take care that its size is big enough so that the button can pass through it but it’s small enough so that the button does not unfasten. The last step is to stitch up the outer edge of the button hole to finish it.
Your fancy bracelet is now ready to be worn.

2.       Pottery Pendant

To make a pottery pendant, you’ll need any broken piece of pottery, sand paper, metal nail file, industry strength adhesive and a small metal clasp. First of all use the nail file to work on the rough edges of the pottery piece of your choosing and try to flatten them out. Then use the sand paper to further level them. Once the edges are all smooth, use the industry strength adhesive to glue the metal clasp onto the back of the pottery piece. Let it dry for a while. After it is dry, loop the pendant onto a slight chain. Your pendant is now complete and can be worn anywhere to give you a stylish look.


3.       Classy CD Necklace

To make a classy CD necklace, you’ll need a CD, a pair of scissors, any kind of fabric and an industry strength adhesive. This item can easily be made as it requires any kind of scratch CDs that   you do not use anymore because they are completely damaged. The first step is to cut out the fabric of your choosing in the needed shape. This fabric will be the base of your necklace. Next, cut out two thin strips of the same fabric. There are going to be tied around the neck. After this attach the ends of both pieces to the fabric base that you cut out earlier. Now break the CD into random shapes and sizes and glue them onto the fabric. You need to be careful while sticking these as all the fabric space needs to be covered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Your necklace is now ready to add a little shine to your look.