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Three hairstyles with special tools

Nowadays hairstyle is an important visiting card for hundreds of people at work, when visiting guests or just on going shopping. There are so many ways how to wear your hair. Some of them are buns, waves, twists, or braids.The possibilities are endless. You can be on top every day when looking for new trends and this article can help you. Here are shown 3 simple ways how to make easy hairstyles with special tools.


The reverse pin



Have you ever heard about reverse pins? Using a corkscrew technique will help you look smarter and a little more practical. Forget about bobby pins. It is necessary to use a lot of them to keep your hair in place. Reverse pins will keep styles more secure.

  • Twist hair into a half up, half down bun.
  • Using the open-ended side of the reverse pin, twist in an upward clockwise direction into the bun from the bottom.
  • Take another one, but this time starting at the top of the bun and twisting downward.

These two reverse pins will keep your hair style in secure, and pins won’t be seen.


Bun twist



The more hair you have the more difficult it is to create a perfect bun. The twist bun is a wonderful solution in solving such a problem.

  • Start with hair in a low pony.
  • Take the bun twist and and insert hair through the middle, then pull down to the end of the pony.
  • Twist up until you reach the pony tail holder.
  • Pull the ends of the twist down in a half-moon shape so both ends meet.
  • Twist the ends together to secure, then separate the hair to make the bun more full.


French braid tool



French braid is a hairstyle that is not so is to create. But with the help of a special tool you can do it easily.

  • Place the tool where you want to start your braid and section off three pieces of your hair into the slots.
  • Pick one of the outside sections, pick up some hair from the side, and bring it over the other sections and place it into the empty slot.
  • Repeat step 2 with the next section of hair, and continue all the way down until hair is fully braided.
  • In the end remove the tool.