i am addicted to you - 3D Hologram APP wants to bring NAIL ART FOR LIFE 1

This New 3D Hologram App Takes Nail Art To The Next Level


Nail art is dead ! Or at least that was the popular opinion in recent years. But a tech startup hopes to bring to life. With the help of a Metaverse MM Nails Makeover recently launched application function, manicure enthusiasts can now capture 3D videos the tips of her toes freshly painted and send them to friends. Think of it as a peanut – Only snapchat




With function hologram on the application, users can decorate their nails with lovely animations and pictures think – sparks , butterflies , fireworks , kittens and yes, even dance. The best part , though? Once you take your peanuts in all its splendor decorated digitally , you can save it as a video on your phone and share it on * any * social networking site . Read : everyone.




Thea Baumann , CEO of Metaverse Makeovers “virtual pop to the surface of the nail fashion, GIF ,” he told Mashable . ” Emoji 3D fly out of your fingers . ”