I am addicted to you - Things You Can Do To Fight Beauty Stigmas 1

Things You Can Do To Fight Beauty Stigmas

Feminists have fought long and hard to spread the fact that all people are beautiful regardless of gender, and that women should not be defined by appearance. Having said that, beauty industry is still blossoming and plastic surgeries are more popular than they ever were. That is perfectly fine, but in order not to fall back into a hole we just crawled out off, there are some things we can do.


I am addicted to you - Things You Can Do To Fight Beauty Stigmas 2

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First and foremost, we need to collectively cool it off with the phones a bit. Phones became an ever present thing; everyone is staring at their phone everywhere you go. There’s nothing wrong with technology, but we need to focus on projecting real thoughts and emotions rather than construct fake, virtual ones.



Let’s stop pretending fashion statements are our genuine concern for our and the health of others. Paleo diets and purifying is a thing of the distant past that somehow became a part of today’s reality. But more often than not, it’s just a word to say, a part of our image that we proudly wear and display to others who happen to be next to us. Superior health is sought after with the same type of determination people have when they wait in line entire night to be the first one to buy a new piece of technology. That’s obsession, not a desire to treat improve our health.



We spend our money on what makes us happy. Everyone is happy while on a trip with friends or family, or even alone. Rarely anyone enjoys covering up scars or bags beneath the eyes with a ton of foundation. There’s a lesson to be learned there, it’s fine to have scars and bags under our eyes €“ live with them and do what makes you happy. Go on a trip instead of buying yet another branded mascara pen.