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Things Women With Natural Hair Should Know Before Coloring It


Coloring your hair is a fun activity, but before you take that step, be sure to thin about precautions. You always have to keep in mind what color will you take, how it will affect your curls and the proper upkeep procedures. Listed here are all the things you have to do before dying your hair, brought to us by hair experts Cynthia Alvarez and Tiffany Daugherty.

If you are going for just a one-dimensional darker hue, it is perfectly reasonable to use at-home dye. They have progressed a lot over the years, and that makes them a suitable choice if you only wish to darken up your hair a bit.

Lots of women underestimate the thickness of their own hair. That is why it is important to buy a few boxes of hair color more, just in case. Nothing is worse than coloring your hair only to discover there is a whole section that didn’t catch any color at all.

If you want to dye your hair in a lighter color, visit a salon. At home dyes are perfect for darker tones, but lighter tones demand stronger colors and hands of a professional. It is more complicated to properly apply them, so a visit to a hair stylist is a must.

Before dying your hair, do not wash it. That is true, dirty hair is ideal for color application. Natural oils on your scalp act as an ideal buffer between your skin and color, so be sure to skip shampoo a day before deciding to color your hair.

After you dye your hair however, use color preserving shampoo as often as possible. Most of those shampoos do not have color striping chemicals in them, and will save your newly colored hair from fading out.