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Things To Keep In Your Car For An After Work Party


Are you Welcomed to an after work party? It’s a great opportunity to relax with your companions and friends and family after that hectic day at work. Be that as it may, why feel negative, thinking what to wear and how to dress up for a night party after work. Stress not!



If you are thinking what to bring to a party, here are the some of the rudimentary things like party cosmetics, incidental tips and things that you ought to stock in your car to bring out that glitz metamorphosis in you.

1. Bright And Bold Lipstick


Swap your nude lipstick reserved for daytime with a splendid and striking shade. For instance, you can go for the cool red RiRi Woo or fuchshia Pleasure Bomb. They are totally divine and rock renowned hues that will give you a party-ready diva look.

2. Black Eye Liner


Feel free to line your upper and lower lash lines with extraordinary black pencil eyeliner. Follow it up by lashing the lines with a pencil brush. Then put mascara to your upper and lower eyelashes. Your party cosmetics might start to look chic and something not to be taken lightly.

3. Nail Polish

It’s normal for a working young lady to feel obsessive about her nails. Continuously carry a dark or splendid shading, mini size nail paint with you so as to coat your nails after your work hours. This will be convenient in covering or settling any undesirable chips on your nails when you are out of home or office and while in transit to an after work party. To draw consideration, the best thing to do is paint your finger and toe nails red.

4. Hair Accessories

Depending on your hair length, haircut and texture, dependably carry a couple of things with you to an after work party. For instance, a few bob pins, “u” pins and imperceptible pins as well. Hair brush and comb are fundamental tools to make your hair neatly done upward and saloned.

If you are a bit obsessive about your hair, then carry a hair spray or gel in your purse and a hand held mirror.

5. Party Purses

Last minute welcome to after work party doesn’t mean you will land up in a soup. There are a whole lot of party purses, from the understated to the striking and brave. Pick one to your like, preference and event and you are certain to get your arm-candy take you places.