I am addicted To You - Things Only Scorpios Understand 1

Things Only Scorpios Understand

While we don’t particularly believe in horoscopes, it is incredibly fun to just think about it from time to time Here are some things that only Scorpios will understand.

Constructing a perfect revenge plan in your mind when someone wrongs you is definitely a Scorpio thing. It doesn’t even have to be a big thing Scorpios will think about obliterating their opponent in most creative ways because of just about any petty reason. Luckily, they don’t enjoy on acting up their thoughts nearly as much as they do in just constructing them.



Not telling your friends about some messed up stuff you’re going through is another Scorpio characteristic. Scorpios solve their problems by themselves, and often forget there are friends in their lives that can, and will, help if asked to.When you’re a Scorpio and you leave the house, you either think you look like God’s gift to Earth or a shabby roadkill in the rain. There’s no middle for Scorpios, everything is either black or white.

Smalltalk is not a thing Scorpios enjoy. If someone approaches a Scorpio and starts babbling on about the weather, it is likely that that person is causing sever panic and anxiety attacks unknowingly.



Scorpios remember, they remember everything, even the smallest things. They also often keep different lists too, and probably have one with all the people who wronged them in one way or another.

Scorpios don’t wait. If they walk into a store and see there’s a line, they will go out and continue the pursuit for another store. It matters not the line could be only one or two people €“ Scorpios simply don’t wait for anyone.

Concerning love, Scorpios are very determined. If they like you they will tell you very soon, and if they do not then they will simply ignore you until you go away!