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Happy Relationship and 3 key things to achieve it!

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To have a happy relationship you have to work hard on it. Especially in today’s world when things gone wild and crazy.

People have changed a lot and more and more people are breaking up their relationships after a short period of time.  The same happens with the marriages.

There have never been so many divorces reported as they are these days.


So, if you want to keep a happy relationship follow these 3 simple rules


1- Compromise  

People are so stubborn these days. It is hard to make any kind of an agreement without having unnecessary discussion or even fighting over the subject. When problem shows up, talk about it. And when you know you are right about something let the other side says its own vision of the situation. Then, try to find a common language and resolve the issue.

Sometimes you have to overcome your pride and ego for the sake of harmony in your relationship. Everything can be resolved with the conversation.


2- Never stop working on closeness  

As time passes people get used one to each other and often closeness starts to fade away. That should not happen. To maintain closeness is important. Especially when you have problems and you need someone to listen to you and give you a shoulder to cry. As well as a save hand, so to speak. No matter what happens, keep this in mind, always!

Every single day you have to work on staying close to your partner and showing him or her your love and affection. Even when you are not in a mood, you must not be selfish. Give yourself to them to the fullest. Closeness and conversation, both, will keep your relationship strong.

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3- Watch your language

The 3rd thing that is important is the way you talk to your partner. Spoken words can hurt more than punch in a face. So, if you face any kind of problem, don’t get too angry or aggressive. Take a deep breath and think for a second what will you say or do. You have to think upfront how your partner will feel after you words are said or action taken. Pay attention to your tone and words that will be spoken.

And these are 3 main rules that will lead to a happier relationship.