I am addicted to you - Things Guys Think About Your Purse 1

Things Guys Think About Your Purse


Ever wondered what I guy thinks when he sees you carrying a handbag?, here are some of the things a guy will think on seeing your bag. The first question that enters their mind is how many things you keep in there. Most of them don’t see the sense that you can fit things like make up and your wallet in there not to talk of the bag of trail mix and entire bottle of wine. Guys also think of your purses as big wallets. They compare it with taking a wallet and making it too big to fit in a pocket but also too small to hold anything that would warrant a larger size wallet. They simply try to understand why those kind of purses exist and why women want them



Many guys ask themselves whether they are that big because of tampons, according to them, in practice this is the only reason to hold anything bigger than a wallet. Some guys even think that since you have a purse you can carry their stuff for them. This especially happens to ladies to ladies with boyfriends whom are made to carry all their stuff.



Many guys will even try to figure out the things you keep in that handbag. They seem to imagine that there are secrets you hold in there. Many actually even try to differentiate between a purse and a laptop bag wondering whether a purse with a laptop in it can be referred to as a laptop bag.



Many guys will even wonder how ladies manage to accessorize when they cannot even make sure their jeans and shirt don’t make them dumb. Many will also wonder what would happen if your lipstick was to open up and lipstick everything else in the bag. Many would actually be mesmerized when you pull a small purse out of a large purse. This they are unable to understand why you wouldn’t just use the big purse.