I am addicted to you - These Lightened-Up Pumpkin Cupcakes Are Practically Guilt 4

These Lightened-Up Pumpkin Cupcakes Are Practically Guilt



These little pumpkin cakes pillowy let you enjoy the taste of autumn without feeling sick after. The dough that bakes up in the fluffiest, little lighter than I’ve ever tried cakes is made from whites beaten eggs and has a light flavor from the addition of sour cream.


McCormick sent on its new pure extract Pumpkin Pie Spice go into the recipe, but after trying it (it has a taste similar to Red Hots candy), I recommend sticking to your traditional vanilla extract and add a few pinches of pie the pumpkin spice instead. Just when you think that this recipe could not get any better, it’s time to crown the cupcakes with whipped cream marshmallow. I do not think I’ll ever do it again with butter. It’s like eating sweet clouds! One thing to note is that the icing does not need to be refrigerated, so plan to make the frosting and ice cupcakes the day you plan to serve them.