I am addicted To You - The World Of Martenity Costumes And How To Design Some Of Them

The World Of Maternity Costumes And How To Design Some Of Them

The world of maternity constumes on the internet is an interesting one with exceptionally puny and clever ideas out there though there are those extremely creepy ones. what they have in common is the mediocre execution and surprisingly low resolution photography.so here is how you can make some of this costumes



Mummy maternity costumes. All you will need is white leggings and shirt, a white wig, gauze and a lace. Roll gauze and lace around your body to get the look of the dead. Add some girlish flair; tie a piece of lace around your wig to create a Yandi lauper inspired head band.



Christmas tree costume. We all love mixing holidays and though a charismas ornament would be cute for a pregnant girl, a whole tree will look much better. All you will need is a fitted green dress, brown pants and brown shoes, paper garland, a headband, glittery gold foam paper, hot glue. Put on your clothes and then drape the paper garland as you would around a tree. Use hot glue to put the garland in place or use pin if you want to wear the dress past holiday. Cut out the gold foam paper and glue it on your headband to make the tree topper.



Fish tank costume. You will need black leggings and black dress, teal lycra, colorful felt, fabric scissors, sharpie, hot glue. Cut a circle of lycra to create your tank then draw and cut out felt fish. Glue them to the lycra and then adhere that to the belly of the dress. Practice your best fish face for this one.



A burrito baby costume. You will need a grey or black legging, colorful felt, a sharpie, fabric scissors and hot glue. Cut out a felt baby, felt food and most importantly a spaghetti umbilical cord. Hot glue this pairs to your tee and you will have got yourself a burrito baby.



A khalessi maternity costume. You will need long blonde wavy wig, taupe dress, silver faux leather, fabric scissors, small stuffed dragon dress, pins. With a flowy dress that has layered look, add some extra fabric with hot glue. Cut a long strip of fake leather and wrap it around your chest and back. Pin it in a place and add small leather arm bands to complete the outfit.



Pregnant Kate Middleton costume. You will need high heels, black leggings, a blazer, a polka hot dress, hat fascinator, feathers, zigzag trim, hot glue, and fabric scissors. Snip the trim so that it fits the hat fascinator. Glue the trim and feathers in place and let them dry. Style your hair with loose waves and wear minimal make up for a true Kate Middleton look.