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Perfect Bridal Lingerie

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Bridal Lingerie

Choosing a set of perfect bridal lingerie is almost as important as choosing your wedding dress. While your wedding gown is chosen to amaze everyone present and cause many awes from your grandchildren many years later, what’s under your dress is reserved for the most special pair of eyes in the world.

With the big day approaching, there are truly too many things for a bride to focus on, and lost in all the chaotic, sweet little tortures of wedding planning, many excited brides forget to consider what they’re going to wear under the dress.

However, the reason why you mustn’t forget to focus on choosing your perfect bridal lingerie is not only the heart-melting thought of your dismayed groom’s thrill.

Carefully chosen, and therefore, perfect bridal lingerie is the crucial part of your overall outfit, that can make a big difference in both how you look and feel throughout the most important day of your life.

How to choose your perfect bridal lingerie?

It’s not a secret that every bride wants to look perfect for her big day, and while aiming for the perfection, it’s the details that demand attention.

Once you’ve chosen the right wedding dress, it is time to choose a piece of bridal lingerie that will compliment it. While it certainly can’t be an easy mission considering the enormous variety of super chic underwear on the market, we’re bringing you a few tips to take into account while selecting the perfect bridal lingerie.

Start with the most practical question of all – what kind of undergarments work with your dress? Depending on the type and design of your wedding dress, there will be different solutions available. The first thing to be sure about while choosing your perfect bridal lingerie is that it won’t be leaving any bra straps or panty lines visible. For example, if the fabric of your wedding dress is thin, like satin, it’s very likely to show every curve and leave bulky underwear out of the game. On the other hand, if your wedding gown features a corseted bodice, it’s highly recommended that you wear a bustier or a full corset underneath for the best effect.

Next important thing to consider while choosing your perfect bridal lingerie is what is the priority you’re aiming for – comfort, support or sex appeal? There are a few reasons why this decision is important. The lingerie is practically the foundation for your wedding dress. Its role is not solely to look pretty – the lingerie is critical in ensuring the perfect fit of your dress. Considering the type and amount of support you need, see if that’s the main focus of your perfect bridal lingerie hunt. However, don’t forget the comfort either – for you’ll be wearing the lingerie you choose for the big part of the day, you must feel adequately comfortable. And while the image of your groom’s reaction is undeniably priceless, don’t forget that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and support for the sex appeal. If you assess that you need a 3-in-1 piece but can’t find appropriate one, successfully combining it all, remember that you can always buy a separate set of  gentle, sheer underwear or a sexy night dress to slip into once you’re alone with your darling.

Don’t forget the test drive

How about the weather? If you’re planning a summer wedding, you will want to wear as little as possible under the dress to avoid or minimize sweat and irritation. For the chilly weather, consider choosing something that covers more skin, for example, an all-in-one body shaper.

The color of your perfect bridal lingerie is totally up to you to choose as it’s not a subject to any strict rules (unless, of course, your wedding dress is see-through – which we doubt), however, the most popular wedding lingerie pieces come in traditional white, ivory and soft, pastel tones.

Finally, once you’ve chosen your perfect bridal lingerie, don’t forget to try it well before your big day, just to make sure that it fits right. So go ahead, bend, jump and dance around and see if everything still stays in its place. If yes, you’ve done a great job! Congratulations.