i am addicted to you-The secret magic of the Dark dark eyebrows and lips - 1

The secret Magic Of The Dark Eyebrows And Lips


Each time the eyebrow guru based in Los Angeles Kristie Streicher made €‹ €‹a visit to New York , I ask the world to celebrate my while predicament proverbially calls on a date. Either by combing a front, the suggestion to temporarily put the clamps , or a review of the vault, each encounter is able to challenge the limits of how life-changing face eyebrows framing powers can be .


This account Streicher Kiernan Shipka , Carrie Brownstein , and Sarah Paulson as customers is proof enough , but his most recent visit to Manhattan was perhaps the most emblematic of his transforming touch . After collecting a few stray hairs around my natural way , which turned the rather dark eyebrows and a little bit darker .


The effect was a subtle contrast with my dark hair that makes them and , therefore , my eyes -Pop . He could have stopped there , but he did not.



Streicher stepped back , his own famous feathered brown eyebrows furrowing as he stared at the face. “Can I put some lipstick on you? ” She asked , digging into his own makeup bag for her inspiration.


” Sure,” I replied , while a deep black thin tube deep red pigment Temptu ‘s and handed it to me squirming . In one stroke, shadow About pitchy made €‹ €‹by my lips and cheeks ( and miraculously , again, the eyes and eyebrows ), which had tinted the top half of my characteristics . Suddenly all the focus cam , but he managed to feel , in true style Streicher , totally unpretentious .



Infallible combination of black eyebrows and lips dark red , he said later , he created the structure ” without [ requiring you ] use the stick eye makeup . ” The trick , he explains, is to take eyebrows a shade or two deeper with colored gels or semi-permanent color ( light or dark brown stained foam front Blinc recommended) , then anchor their new arcs with a tone of lips that is so rich .


Red Jet Temptu adds , works as “color that perfect vampire ” who ” looks almost like a deep red -blue ” but is sufficient to remove black off . The combination made €‹ €‹for a ” very bold and deliberate look ,” She said firmly. “It must be used with confidence. ”