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The Powerball Winning Number Ticket Sold in Chino Hills for about $1.5B, lottery officials say

The Powerball Winning Number Ticket Sold in Chino Hills for about  $1.5B, lottery officials say.

As the lottery officials said the ticket was sold in 4092 Chino Hills Pkwy, Chino Hills, CA 91709 was worth  for $1,586,400,000 with a cash value of $983,500,000, according to the lottery official.

powerball winning number sold for 1.5 billion dollars in 4092 Chino Hills Pkwy Chino Hills CA 91709

Also, State of California had 12 tickets matching five of the six numbers, according to the California Lottery:

  1. Nipton

  2. Chula Vista

  3. Santa Rosa

  4. Santa Cruz

  5. Santa Monica

  6. Tustin

  7. Pacoima

  8. Vacaville

  9. Cloverdale

  10. Redlands

  11. Gardena

  12. Irwindale

    The final total for the jackpot was $1,586,400,000 with a cash value of $983,500,000, according to the Texas Lottery.


Well, who knows who the luckiest man on Earth is? Or a woman? Whoever he or she is, despite being incredibly lucky, there are certain things, the winner has to bear in mind because winning that sum of money is not to be taken lightly!

Different states have different rules concerning staying anonymous winner! If you win a lottery and your state has the option for a winner  to stay anonymous, it is highly recommended that you do that way. Becoming incredibly wealthy overnight can cause lottery winners a lot of troubles, including possible robberies or even violent crimes! So, if it’s possible to stay anonymous, stay anonymous!

It is extremely important that you have a trustworthy financial team that will help you with your win! Before anything signed, make sure you are aware of their fees or any other relevant costs. You should also need a certified accountant.

And, the most important advice, think before you spend! Statistics say that 44 percent of all winners spend the entire sum in the next 5 years following the win. Maybe, you should consider waiting some time before any decision is taken. You have the necessary time to cool down and make wise decisions.

These were the tips that we highly recommend for the Powerball winner of the 1.5 billion ticket!


Who bought The Powerball Winning Number Ticket Sold in Chino Hills winner, We don’t know yet! Anyway, congratulations!