The new Barbie doll

The new Barbie has come – meet Tall, Curvy and Petite!

The new Barbie doll is here and it is quite different than before! In a good way!

It’s been for years now that you can hear now and then the harsh critics about the unrealistic body shape of the most famous doll on Planet! All of us girls grew up with this doll and we simply loved it! It was one of those favorite ‘must have’ dolls. All of our precious memories included this gorgeous beauty.

There is some good change that is happening right now among the celebrities and the fashion itself! The time of celebrating the different types of beauty has come! Many famous faces from show biz stood up for the idea that there is no singular definition of beauty! The time has come to show to the world that difference reflects the beauty!

And that’s exactly what Mattel did with the new Barbie doll!

The new Barbie doll – more realistic body shapes yet still amazing and gorgeous

Mattel, the producer of Barbie doll, recognized this and introduced three new body types of Barbie doll! Now the new Barbie has curves and comes with different height. This is a big step forward because it sends a strong message to the young girls – you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful! And, if you think that way, the beauty of the world reflects in the diversity of shapes of our eyes, bodies, hair…

The new trend even spread  among the celebrities who now refuse the using of Photoshopping, like musicians Lorde and Zendaya. They said they didn’t want to be falsified ideal  for young. There is even a change on the runway itself with some models like diminutive Emily Rajtakowski and buxom blonde Beth  Ditto that brought a different  view to the runway.

Everything changes for the better and our favorite doll is a great example of that! The new Barbie will remain to be the top one doll for the generations of the girls that are coming but it will be a better example of beauty!