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The Most Popular Female Character on TV


Viola Davis may have gotten her legal advisor slashes on Law and Order: SVU, yet it’s another female force from the longstanding series that is won over viewers’ souls. In an overview titled “Nobody’s Damsel: A Study on Modern Women on TV and the Audiences Who Watch Them” by entertainment organization Trailer Park (in association with QC Strategy), the outcomes demonstrated that Olivia Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay, was America’s most loved female character by an overwhelming margin.

The overview took a gander at 36 female leads over 17 of the highest-rated evaluation, female-centric series on telecast, cable and streaming networks, including shows, for example, House of Cards, The Good Wife, Girls, and Homeland. Furthermore, among every one of the viewers overviewed, Olivia Benson beat the competition with both male and female viewers as the most loved female character €”with 21 percent of the vote.


Furthermore, it wasn’t even truly a tight race: The following closest character was Cookie Lyon from Empire, with 8 percent of the vote. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones was next with 7 percent, followed by a three-way tie between Jessica Lange on American Horror Story, Meredith Gray on Gray’s Anatomy, and Olivia Pope on Scandal (6 percent).


Not in any case cracking the top were any of the female characters from well known shows Pretty Little Liars, Orange Is the New Black, Girls, House of Cards, Homeland, Revenge, and How to Get Away With Murder.


So what’s up with Benson’s across the board request? The study also refers to her as the most relatable female character, which surely adds to her agreeability. She also has, as per the respondents, the majority of the attributes listed by men and women as most favored €”things like intelligence, toughness, independence, compassion, and self-assurance.