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Dog Friendly Cities To Know For Moving In

Do you have a dog? Yes?Then you know how it’s important to have a dog friendly place when you can be relaxed with your little, furry friend.

For all of us, puppy owners and puppy lovers, some places are favorite just because of the fact that they allow dogs.

We deeply appreciate the fact that someone understands deep connection that we have with our little friends for life! When a place is called dog friendly we know that they understand that enormous love and connection, those waging tales full of energy and joy, those beautiful eyes…ooh, ok, if you have a dog you understand me!

The most dog friendly cities in America usa


Every pet owner knows that keeping a dog requires work: deciding about what veterinarian is the best, what pet-shop has the affordable prices, where you can buy clothes for your fluffy fur ball! And what places are dog friendly where you can have a meal with your friends and your pet at the same time.

We bring you the list of the most dog friendly cities in the USA. The list was made based on the number of food suppliers for dogs, places where you can groom your dog or a number of parks where you can walk your little friend, as well as the pet sitting services.

1. Beverly Hills, California

2. Urban Honolulu, Hawaii

3. Hoboken, New Jersey

4. New York City, New York

5. Aventura, Florida

6. Cambridge, Massachusetts

7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

8. Evanston, Illinois

9. Winchester, Nevada

10. North Bethesda, Maryland


You are lucky if you already living in one of those dog friendly cities! If you are not and you consider moving, take these options in your mind!

We know how much you care about your dog. When a puppy comes to a family it becomes a member, not just a pet. It is a long lasting bond and love that cannot be described.

If you have the opportunity, go make an adventure, visit these dog friendly cities on the list with your family and your dog, he will love it!