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The Modern Red Lip How To Update This Totally Classic Look


Red lipstick is the embodiment of a consummately polished look. The shading puts forth an intense expression, we know, yet there’s something so immortal about the bright hue that it’s kept going from the silent film time of Hollywood until 2015. In addition, despite everything it looks sharp.


The biting color, which can go from deep cherry to blue-tinged pop art red, pulls together looks as basic as a t-shirt and jeans or as striking as a night outfit. It stays well known amongst celebrities and regular people alike, demonstrating there’s no place you can’t bring your trusty container of Ruby Woo.


At this present season’s Jason Wu show, Yadim Carranza, makeup artist for Maybelline New York, brought a fresh take to the heroin-chic look. Since the gathering was verifiably modern, the celebrated internationally beauty care products master chose to tidy up the red lip.


For reasons unknown, the mistake you’re making when applying lipstick all comes down to the state of your lips.

Here’s the manner by which to make the perfect red pout:

Overdraw the lip corners as opposed to playing perfectionist.


A lady’s lips don’t normally go to a half-circle shape, yet rather taper out into a fine line that that makes it hard to apply item. Rather than breaking out a minuscule, tapered brush, Carranza and his fellow artists decided to draw custom lip lines on each model.


Try not to work lipstick into the tiny edge of your lips, go striking and overdraw them. Balancing the mouth’s edges will make the outline look a little more 2015, a little less Katharine Hepburn.