inflatable sleep hoodie

The Inflatable Sleep Hoodie – amazing accessory for quick naps anywhere

The inflatable sleep hoodie for quick naps anywhere? What’s that? Well, that is the coolest accessory ever, because now you can take a nap wherever you want!  Hoodies have always been fashionable details on your clothes. They also had the practical use of covering your head and protecting it from snow or rain. Some young groups use hoodies to distinguish their own style, to be cool or even to look tough and dangerous. However, hoodies never go out of fashion and will certainly be there in the future.

And now, we have this cool invention that will make your hoodie be more than a fashion detail! With this new Hypnos inflatable sleep hoodie, you can have a comfortable pillow wherever you go. This accessory was designed by  Josh Woodle. He made the inflatable sleep hoodie – a hoodie with an inserted  pillow in it. All you have to do, when you want to take your nap is to blow up the pillow! And this wonderful  inflatable sleep hoodie becomes the coolest invention ever! Not only you can relax and rest whenever you want, you can brag that your hoodie is different than everybody’s else! The material that is used for these hoodies is natural cotton, one of the best materials for clothes out there. Most of the sweaters are made of this material, but the jacket is made of nylon.

The inventors of Hypnos inflatable sleep hoodie got the help from industrial designers that are in the inflating business and industry for more than 20 years. They designed such a pillow under the hoodie that stays perfectly unnoticed under the hood.  Also, the inflatable sleep hoodie is designed to provide the easiest way of inserting or removing the inflatable, anytime you want.

So, the favorable characteristics of this cool inflatable sleep hoodie are: It is easy to use (Easy to inflate and easy to deflate). It is designed to be comfortable to your head no matter where you are or in what position – this hoodie will give you a perfect support for your neck. And, above all, this inflatable sleep hoodie is never bulky because it is designed to conceal a pillow whether it is inflated or deflated – people around you will never notice!

This amazing invention just calls for creatives, travelers,  those who commute often or people who just want to take a nap, wherever they feel like. Try this cool Hypnos inflatable sleep hoodie and enjoy your nap time!