The handbag designers

The handbag designers – fresh ideas in 2016!

The handbag designers that will rock in the following time are on our radar!

Every once in a while, we have the chance to spot something interesting going on in the world of handbags. Of course, the good old choices such as Gucci, Loewe or Chloe of some of our favorite designers will always be in, but sometimes we do need something fresh, something different!

When it comes to bags, some new designs arise and bring all the necessary freshness and diversity in this area. Whether you look for a different set of colors or different shapes, the handbag designers that you are about to see, bring something new to the market.

The handbag designers – new stream on the market

Meet Mallet&Co! Classic, elegant style with plain colors – this brand put the handbags design to a whole another level. The new collection of Nicholas Knightly, Director of Louis Vuitton‘s Leather Goods is all about simplicity yet elegance. These stylish bags, for clever women that know fashion will be a rising star in 2016!

You can turn to Trademark in 2016 if you are up to get yourself a  stylish handbag for every day. The brand creators, sisters Pookie and Luisa Birch bring us a unique handbag style. The new bucket bag has arrived and it is made out of stiff leather with the fantastic prints and colors.

Oooh, you must check out Byredo! Byredo is a new style that revives the distinctive shapes and if you are looking for a ‘I can’t take my eyes off your bag’ style, you are in the right place! These awesome bags designed by the former basketball player, artist and perfumer will be a new boom in 2016!

Paula Cademartori – two words! The color inspiration! Totally new, fresh style on the market that delivers vibrant colors and cheerful shapes. Unique prints will give any of your outfit combination an eye-catching  accessory. This will be the brand with a bright future in the years to come!

Hunting Seasons reveals some of the good, old prints that will be popular in 2016! Exotic skins and battery leather can be interesting choice for this season.

When I looked at this brand, Boyy, the first thing that crossed my mind is pure elegance! Although modern bags, these designs carry a certain note of simple and powerful elegance. With the oversized belt, as a characteristic detail on them, the handbag designers Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman gave a new life to crossbody and carryall bags.

PB 0110 – the very name of the brand is interesting, don’t you think? Minimalism  is the word that describes the best,the designs of Phillip Bree. In all minimalistic charm of theirs, those bags are absolutely gorgeous!

If you are a girl that loves to carry everything with herself, then check the amazing Closed. This brand brings to life the interesting matte colors and practical bags for every day.

Take a look at our gallery and see the new hopes for 2016!