animals and human face

Animals and human face – the amazing art

Animals and human face, what could be a possible link between?  The link is an incredible art of Flora Borsi, young fine art photographer from Hungary. In her pictures, this young artist is playing with the subconscious forces of human nature, with the issues of identity, relationships, emotions and dreams.  She focuses on femininity and portrays the fragile female nature glorifying  its beauty. At the same time, the young photographer makes a sharp, distinctive contrast between the face of animals and human face, thus creating a unique masterpiece that questions our understanding of art, ourselves and human nature.

Animals and human face – the art of phantasies

You can see on these pictures, that every one of those holds a strong message and a strong subliminal and subconscious idea combined in the mixed beauty of animals and human face. Every animal carries specific emotion on a picture and you can see how the fear, confusion or cold rationality found its way to the eyes of the viewer.

If you are looking at the woman’s eyes filled with fear while combined with the eyes of the scared animal-rabbit, you can see how Flora tried to create a mystical, almost dark phantasy of emotions that scare us and those dark moments feeling utterly alone. The woman stands in the dark shadow, putting the accent on her eyes and extracting the pure essence of the fear.

In the picture of a woman with the snake, you can feel the touch of strength and, we can say, almost cruelty portrayed in the biblical symbol of a snake and a woman. The eyes of the woman are cold and in a way covered with a delicate shadow of sadness. The author portrayed a grass as a symbol of the power of nature.

The sensual, romantic emotions are depicted on the image of a woman with a cat! A strong sexual connotation of this picture is carefully submerged into the artistic portraying of a woman’s sexuality and at the same time, beauty in the form of animals and human face in one place.

The picture with the dove is the homage to woman’s innocence and openness, with the white color as a symbol of purity.

Flora Borsi’s work is already very well known in artistic circles. She had exhibitions  in Europe and the USA. “Continental Shift” was her best-known appearance in the  group exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. She has also exhibited in the most famous museum in France-Louvre! BBC Culture and The Guardian’s Observer acclaimed her work.

Take a look at the images of this talented young artist that will provoke your own, deep emotions. Enjoy the art of Flora Borsi, portraying animals and human face!