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4 easiest long hair tutorials for busy girls

All of us, girls, who have long hair know how boring sometimes it could be to have a perfect hair style every day! There are days when you just wanna go out and not think about your hair. Yet, still you want your hair to look gorgeous! So, how it is possible to have amazing hair and not to be bothered with creating a miracle on your head?

Well, easy! With this tutorial you will see that you can have amazing hairstyle within just a few seconds!

The easiest tutorial for long hair – amazing hairstyle for lazy days

For the first hairstyle, you should make a high ponytail and brush out tangles. Then, tie a portion of your hair, about half way down and then invert it. You should repeat this procedure for two more times. And that’s it, you are ready to go! Really simple when you don’t have too much time to spend on making your hair and you still want to have a hairstyle!

For the second choice, section your hair into three and invert each. For each one of these, use bobby pins to fix it! The third bobby pin you can use for your front, if you don’t want hair across your face. This is really beautiful hairstyle for long hair, simple and easy! You are done in a minute!

For the third option, part your hair in half and make a low pony. Your other half, section into three and twist each one into the pony. What’s good about this is you don’t have to be really good with your hands, these steps are so easy!

First step for fourth hairstyle is to braid your hair. Use your bobby pin to fix the braids at the back of your head. And that’s it! Easy and simple, right?

Take a look at the pictures for more ideas and the video for easy steps in making a perfect, quick hairstyle for your hair!

long hair


long hair


long hair


long hair