i am addicted to you The dramatic make up that is applied to brown eyes in order for it to flaunt 1

The Dramatic Make Up That Is Applied To Brown Eyes In Order For It To Flaunt


Some events will call for an extra make up especially for ladies. One thing that most men fail to understand is that most ladies like fun and the ladies will prefer some added unique beautifulness qualities that will make them stand out in important occasions an example of an occasion like the New York fashion show. Most ladies will be in the lime light for the making of their lovely eyes to flaunt. The article will highlight the fabulous make up that will be perfect for brown eyes alongside black and coloured eyes. The fabulous make ups will make you look perfect in 2016 if you are a party crusher or you are planning to be one.



The first make up will be a Boho Chick look which will be a perfect weared look that will fit in many occasions that ranges from Indian to western occasions. The makeup will be appropriate and will match up with winter assemble. Besides the Boho chick looks the Matte Mystical touch will be an excellent makeup to be worn on February which is usually the month of romance .for the lovers of dinner parties and other party animals the look will be perfect for them and they should ensure that on their lids there should be a touch of Smokey, hues alongside dark and chocolate



For the month of March the pink catch eyes will be an appropriate look for you. The look is liked by many celebrities and you should try it and who now in the long run you will be in the same league as the celebrities. What will be required will be the making of your eyes vibrate in accordance to the vibrant fushcia pink and the dark Kohl rimmed waters



For the month of April the Torkoish pink eyes will be appropriate. One will be in a perfect look with hint of lime green alongside with a dark of pink .For a diva look one will be required to make the eyelids dance to the cocktails. Bohemian Rhapsodies will be appropriate for May