The Cutest Friendship

The Cutest Friendship Ever: Meet The Rescued Piglet and her BFF Kitten

The cutest friendship ever is a rather unexpected one. We bring you the story of Marina the kitten and Laura the piglet, the two babies who are too cute to handle.

The two best friends are the youngest residents of the Interspecies Equality Sanctuary (Santuario Igualdad Interespecie), an animal sanctuary in Santiago, Chile. Both their stories had a sad beginning, but thanks to the kindness of the people who saved and introduced them, the couple developed the cutest friendship ever, helping them both overcome their somber past.

Marina was found on the street, sick and abandoned. She was in desperate need of her mother. A kind soul picked her up and took her to the animal sanctuary, and when she arrived, she was in such poor shape that it wasn’t even clear if she would survive. Her rescuers, however, made sure they did all they could in order to see a happy ending. The next day, to everyone’s relief, the kitten regained some of its energy and even some of its playful spirit and started to play with her caretakers.

Marina’s now best friend, Laura, was rescued from a factory farm as a part of the meat industry and brought to the sanctuary as well. As her mother remained there, it was the volunteers who kept her fed, warm and cared for.

The cutest friendship ever started to develop from the first moment when Marina and Laura saw each other. And as they give each other all the love and comfort needed, we can only say that all of us should look up to their friendship as an example. It’s because the cutest friendship ever recognizes no different species or limits, and it is not familiar with shoddy concepts like discrimination and such. We hope this pure friendship will last forever!

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