The cutest animal videos will make you laugh

Is there anything funnier than the animal videos where you can see the adventures of these fluffy, furry balls in the most awkward situations? I know that I laugh every time I see those videos, they are so funny!

The scientists proved that the laughter is very important for the overall health. When you laugh, the cocktail of good chemicals runs through your body. Your brain produces endorphins, the hormones of happiness and that’s why you feel so happy and relaxed after a good laughter.

Scientists even believe that laughing can boost your immune system and that it can raise the level of infection-fighting antibodies. Some research studies have shown that laughing can reduce blood sugar levels and it is recommended for people who have diabetes.

Now, after you read some interesting facts about laughter, it is time to see what we prepared for you!

The cutest animal videos that will make you laugh frantically

The first video that you will see is definitively my favorite one, for all times! When I first saw this cat, trying to jump to another balcony and failing it, it made me laugh so hard that tears ran down my face! It is a still funny video for me, even after all these years!

And I recently watched the video with Pancho which instantly made it one of my favorite ones too! If you have a dog, you know how much they love snow! At least some of them! My dog Bela adores snow and jumping around outside, so this video is hilarious! If you have recorded the adventures of your pets, share them with us!

Meanwhile, take a deep breath and try not to laugh! At least for the first couple of seconds! Yes, you will not be able to, we know that! Take a look at these hilarious, cute animal videos and have your laughing moment of the day! Just for you to know, the animals from the videos are ok!