I am addicted To You - The Chloe Addiction

The Chloe Addiction


The French has a chic and effortless way of dressing with some of the best luxury labels coming from Paris, the city of impeccable style. It is no wonder that fashion girls look to Parisians when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. And they surely love their Chloe style.


Every style that is introduced becomes a must have among the fashion crowd. It all started with the comic Marcie bay, then it was an obsession with the brow and Faye. Now it is about the Hudson. The Chloe addiction happening.


This is so serious that it has coined a popular hash tag €œChloe girls € on instagram where women put their Chloe on display for the world to droll over. When you see the many lust-worthy bags on the hands of women everywhere, it makes you want to splurge on one too.

The Chloe Bags: