I am addicted to you - The Butt Lifting Exercise You have to attempt 4

The Butt Lifting Exercise You have to attempt

Start molding your best booty ever.

Give your cheeks some attention €”and give squats a rest €”with this Butt Lifting Exercise , the Weighted Donkey Kick, from Los Angeles based coach Astrid Swan.

The exercise belongs to the butt and back super burner workout from the shiny new, seven-day best bodies Challenge.



1. Begin on all fours with hands under shoulders, knees underneath hips.
2. Twist left leg to 90 degrees and put one weight (try initially with 3- to 5-lbs) behind left knee.
3. Hold weight with left leg by tightly pressing and push left leg up into the air and then bring knee under hips i.e. bringing back the leg in original position before pushing into the air.
4. Repeat as many as possible in 90 seconds; then switch to the right leg.
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