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The Best Sunglasses for Every Face Shape


Sunglasses secure your eyes and assist you see, yet they can also lend a moment, certain cool variable to pretty much anybody. Said cool component is most apparent when sunglasses fit well, adjust your features, and appear as though they were made for your face. Since one-size-compliments all shades are unfortunately not a thing, we asked Bobbi Brown, makeup artist, glasses master, and writer of the new book Bobbi Brown: Everything Eyes, for her top tips for discovering flattering sunglasses for every face shape.

First Things First:
Diagnose Your Face Shape


Choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape will be troublesome if you don’t recognize what your shape is. As indicated by Brown, your face is considered round if the width and length are generally the same. (You don’t have to break out a ruler, simply evaluate this by measuring the span with your fingers.) You have a square face if your jawline is strong and your forehead is broad. An oval-shaped face is “long and flimsy, with a chin slightly narrower than your forehead,” says Brown. Lastly, a heart-shaped face is more wider at the forehead however altogether narrower at the chin. In case you’re still unsure where you fall, ask somebody: “Anybody working at a glasses store or makeup counter will be prepared to let you know what your face shape is.” sufficiently easy.



If your face is round, as Michelle Williams’s, go for square casings or wayfarers. “Precise lines adjust the roundness of your face and include definition,” says Brown.


It stands to reason that if square frames balance out a round face, round casings parity out €”you got it €”a square face, as Rosario Dawson’s. “You can mollify a strong number face shape by picking frames with bended or adjusted corners,” says Brown.



If you have a heart-shaped face, as Scarlett Johansson, search for aviators. Dissimilar to you’re square-and round-confronted sisters, you really need to copy €”not differentiate €”your face shape. Aviators are commonly wider at the top and decreased at the base, so they complement the outline of a heart-shaped face. Once more, proportion is imperative here: “If you have small, sensitive features, don’t pick large, heavy frames,” says Brown.


If you have an oval face shape, see yourself as fortunate. Furthermore, not simply because you impart something in common with Eva Mendes. “Most styles work admirably on this face shape, so you can blend it up,” says Brown.