I am addicted To You - THE BEST BLONDE HAIR 1


From astonishing golds to shining champagnes, the best blonde hair hues are emphatically rich. That Midas touch can enlighten your skin and upgrade your eyes for a striking impact, regardless of the fact that you’re cosmetics free. Discovering your ideal shade is all about balance €” pick cool, pale tones if you have fair skin and warm, deep colors if your appearance is darker. Also, tight down your alternatives with the most extraordinary blondes on our radar at this time.






Do blondes really have more fun? These celebrities seem to think so. Feast your eyes on the best blonde hair Hollywood has to offer. Oh, and feel free to use these pics as inspiration the next time you head to drugstore to pick up a box kit or to the salon to get your hair professionally colored.






When it comes to the best blonde actresses in Hollywood, it is very tough to choose who the hottest are because there are plenty of beautiful blonde bombshells in the industry. It is undeniabl, however, that there are some of those blondes who stand out from the crowd. These blonde celebrities are famous, gorgeous, successful, and have always made great appearances on the red carpet. They are considered the hottest golden-haired women and whether they are young fresh faces or some of the older favorites, they definitely make TV shows and movies a lot more fun to watch.