The Astonishing Galaxy Nails

The astonishing galaxy nails – the easiest tutorial ever!

If you want something really, really different and unique, you should try the astonishing galaxy nails – they are absolutely amazing!

And really easy to do! With this video tutorial that we find for you, you can have this gorgeous look of your nails with a couple of easy steps.

And you can do it all by yourself, at home and have super amazing nails!

The astonishing galaxy nails – only a few steps ahead

All you need to have is black and white polish, light and cobalt nail polish, cosmetic sponges and black&yellow top coat. And you are ready to start! It is very easy; you begin with the black polish first across the whole area of your nails. Then, dab the white polish with cosmetic sponges in whatever shape that you like.

The next step is applying the light blue nail polish over the white one, which makes everything more vibrant! Dark blue nail polish goes next and it’s put in the center of the white and light blue but in such a way that you can still see the white and light blue nail polish on the edges.

After that, you can pick your own glitter nail polish or you can find one that is suggested in the video, it will be great! Later on, you can use a toothpick and make some white stars.

And here you are, with the astonishing galaxy nails! So easy and so awesome! You can certainly use these nail polishes separately later, so it is a great combination for every day.

We hope that you will find this tutorial fun and practical and that you will use the tricks! When you try it, send us some pictures, we are sure it will look great on you! Have fun, watch the video and go get some amazing nails!


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