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amazing stairs

The amazing stairs across the world that will impress you

Did ever cross your mind the idea that stairs could actually be a piece of true art? Yes, they can! You will see the most amazing stairs across the world that will stun you with their beauty and you will just want to make that step, the famous first step.

There is something so symbolical and profound about the stairs. They always lead somewhere and if you ever wonder about making a change in your life it is always about making the first step. Because  making steps means moving forward in life. As Martin Luther King said: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”.

And if you want to make that first step for any big change in your life, I am sure you would want to do that on these amazing stairs that you are about to see.

Amazing stairs that will just lure you to make the first step on them


1. Holsteiner stairs in Germany

Have you ever thought about walking on a rainbow? Now you can do that in the city of   Wuppertal in North Rine-Westphalia in Germany. These stairs are known as Holsteiner stairs and they were painted by German artist Horst Glaesker.  All the 112 steps are painted in acrylic paint with a different color and each step has a word adorned to it!

amazing stairs


2. Selaron steps

Escadaria Selaron or the “Selaron steps” is a set of the world’s most famous steps in Rio de Janeiro  in Brazil. It is the work of Chilean artist Jorge Selaron, who left it as a tribute to Brasilian people.

It all started in 1990, with Selaron who wanted to renovate dilapidated steps in front of his house. The neighbors mocked him because he covered the steps in colors of the Brasilian flag- blue, green and yellow. It started as a side-project since the first love of Selaron was painting, but later on, this project became the artist’s obsession.

He didn’t stop until he covered the entire set of steps in tiles, mirrors, and ceramics. There are 250 steps covered in more than 2000 tiles from over 60 countries around the world. At first, the tiles were collected from various construction sites in Rio de Janeiro. However, later the visitors from all over the world donated most of the tiles. Three hundred tiles out of these 2000 were hand painted by Selaron portraying a pregnant African woman. The artist depicted something from his own past but never actually explaining who the woman was.

Selaron said about the stairs: “This crazy and unique dream will only end on the day of my death”. He died in 2013 on the very stairs he decorated but his work of art continues to live and inspire people who walk on these amazing steps.

amazing stairs

A pregnant African woman was maybe the woman that Selaron loved, but we’ll never know. The story  remains to be the beautiful detail on the steps.

amazing stairs


3. Stairs in front of the musical theather in South Korea

The next amazing stairs are located in Seoul, South Korea and they lead you to their musical theater. The beautiful woman is depicted on them with the contrast of colors – black, red and white.

amazing stairs


4. Stairs in San Francisco

The amazing stairs in San Francisco will impress you with the beautiful, vibrant colors. There are 163 steps in total and 300 neighborhoods joined to create this wonderful piece of art.

amazing stairs


5. The portrait of a man in Rio de Janeiro

Beautiful stairs with an amazing portrait of a man are in Rio de Janeiro. The portrait   looks so real that you cannot be anything else but amazed by this incredible work of art.

amazing stairs

If you have a chance to visit any of these places, make a few steps on these beautiful stairs! You will have a true art beneath your feet. Amazing!