Rainbow rock project

The inspirational story about amazing Rainbow rock project

What is actually a Rainbow rock project? It is a project of one little girl, named Alia, who loved rainbows so much since she was very little. There was something about the vibrant colors of the rainbows that made her draw them every day.

And one day, she met an artist Carol Marques who is running an art and community project Word Rocks.  The project is based on the idea to paint positive and influential words on the rocks and then leave them so they can brighten the day to someone who finds them.

That’s how Alia got the idea to start a project of her own!

Alia’s Rainbow rock project made many people happy

Alicia thought to share her love for rainbows with other people and to brighten their day just a little bit. She thought if rainbows could help her to be happier, then it might be helpful as well for the other people.

Rainbow project


She and her mom started leave rainbow rocks on beaches, hiking trails, in parks and on the Golden Gate bridge!

She said: “I felt really good about spreading kindness through my favorite thing to draw – rainbows! I wanted to paint more and more rainbow rocks for people to find and spread joy and kindness. My mom suggested painting rainbow rocks for a good cause. And the Rainbow Rock Project started!”

Rainbow rock project


Meanwhile, her mom got the idea that this can become something huge with a good cause! She suggested Alia that they should start raising money to help homeless people. They set up the system: Alia would paint a rock and then they would offer it for $1 in the form of donation. All the proceeds are donated to the Bay Area Rescue Mission, the organization that cares about homeless people in the Bay Area.

They created a website where they explained the noble cause behind the project and a section where people can donate the money for homeless by buying a rainbow rock!

Little Alia even has a mission statement on her website: “My mission is to spread kindness and make people smile.  I want to do that by selling  my rainbow rocks for $1 each and donating all proceeds to a cause I believe in. When we are driving around, I sometimes see homelesss people on the street. I always ask my mom or dad to stop and give them money. I feel bad that there are so many homeless people out in the cold without food or a warm bed.  For each rock I sell, I will place it out in the “universe” for someone to find and bring a smile to their face! I leave them in places we visit – on the beach, park benches, on hiking trails, even the Golden Gate Bridge!”



Rainbow rock project


Alia uses chalk paint pens for painting her rocks and the rocks are also spray-sealed so the paint doesn’t wash off. Besides a painted rainbow, the rocks have a message from Alia: “Hereâ ‚¬ „¢s a rock from me to you / that grants wishes and happiness, too!”

Rainbow rocks project


The project was an immediate success! Alia’s dream was to sell 500 rocks in 2016 and to donate all the proceedings to the local homeless shelter. Her mom said that within just a few days of launch, Alia reached half her goal and that is what makes them happy the most – people recognized the good cause behind the project and band together quickly to help!

Alia is hoping that her Rainbow rock project will be an inspiration to other people as well to join the project or to start similar projects of their own to help their own communities. You can learn more about this noble project at their website here.  Donate and make this world a better place, just like Alia did! I think that we need more people like this little girl. Only then, we will see some true, positive change!