Oscar Beauty Looks

The 10 Most Memorable Oscar Beauty Looks Ever

We’re bringing you this list of best Oscar beauty looks, to show you once again what it’s like when the right choice of outfit blends with the makeup and hairstyle into an ultimate, dazzling perfection.

Oscars are that time of year when celebrities will do about anything to shine just a little brighter. There’s a lot of thorough thinking and planning behind all the Oscar beauty looks. Every little thing matters – starting from the glowing, natural looking skin and flawless makeup, to the last little detail such as finishing accessories.

Oscar beauty looks are the result of hard works, efforts, creative ideas and solutions of numerous teams consisting of designers, fashion stylists, hairstylists, makeup artists, manicurists, pedicurists and so on. And while everything looks pretty flawless on the red carpet, we can only imagine the loud backstage chaos of beauty professionals running around with glossy beauty products, all sorts of hair combs and false eyelashes.

Unforgettable Oscar beauty looks

With the curious, sensation-thirsty eyes of millions watching, Oscar looks, that aim for perfection, take the Hollywood glamour to a completely another level. All the shine and bling often manage to remove the film from the focus and Oscars become a beauty competition arena.

Thus, being an astonishing outcome of united talents of many, Oscar beauty looks serve as a great source of inspiration and a valuable example to learn from.

And while fashion trends change rapidly over years, there are some Oscar beauty looks so incredibly marvelous that they remain stunning regardless the date – immune to expiration.

We’re bringing you the best Oscar beauty looks ever, starting from the legendary style icons of 1950’s – gorgeous Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, to some of the most stylish famous beauties of today – Natalie Portman, Dakota Johnson, Roonie Mara and others.