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That Wedding Day Product You’ll Want in Your Makeup Bag


The glow of the wedding day is not easy. Counting facials, peels, masks and makeup , brides have put a lot of time and thought to look as good as they feel.



But as beauty expert and the White Rose makeup collective wedding artists Tiffany Patton .



only one last step often is forgotten is necessary to ensure that your makeup will stay put through the ceremony, cake cutting and beautiful prom night



It is understood that , even before catching a flush , massage a primer such as Finish Mineral Veil hourglass ( “It s amazing,” Patton said ) , his face forming sink into the skin is avoided and means to eliminate ” I do . spray application framework ”



but to really build your face against love, sweat and tears of an unforgettable day, after you’ve finished your last layer of mascara and remove dust translucent powder



The water in the foundation of the fog seal immediately, making it impossible to move . “We also will join each layer of makeup set , offering a virtually infallible ” long -term end. “Above configuration 6 sprays to keep your picture perfect makeup to bed , you know .