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Temporary Tattoos For This Summer

Temporary Tattoos For This Summer

Keep calm, in this article we tell you everything you need to know about tattoos.
What means a temporary tattoo? It means that you can commit the madness of being going to do a tattoo to you on the weekend without regrets on Monday.
If you always wanted to make to yourself a tattoo that makes the others impressed, but you have lacked the value, you will be charmed with everything that a temporary tattoo can offer to you.
Without pain, more economic than a permanent tattoo and without regrets. These reasons make from the temporary tattoos a trend this summer.

The artists of the tattoo create new designs, different to habitual tattoos and they have material to personalize his work.
The popularity of the temporary tattoos also has come to the weddings. Designs done specially to commemorate this special day without having to pass for the whole process of a normal tattoo, (because you can return to marry, but a tattoo is permanent).

I am addicted to you - Temporary Tattoos For This Summer

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So if you just want to transform you in a boho girl for a festival or if only you want to test and see how would a permanent tattoo look without having to surrender to the needle, the temporary tattoos are the perfect accessory for this summer.
Do click in the images above to see our favorite tattoos.


I am addicted to you - Temporary Tattoos For This Summer

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If you like the jewels, LULU DK’s tattoos are perfect for you. Golden and silver tattoos that look like real jewels.

Tattonie offers you great variety of tattoos, which include drawings or geometric lines. This team was invited by the designer Ion Fiz to highlight his collection of Madrid and also has created tattoos for Bershka or Glamour.

Tattly will surprise you with his designs, especially the tattoos of the colouring collection MTA. The floral collection was done in collaboration with Rifle Paper Co.

Flash Tattoos will capture you with hisdesign, which they will make you shine in any place. Are you ready to adorn your skin with these magnificent tattoos?

For the lovers of the literature, Litograph’s tattoos are inspired by the best works of the literature and the best authors.

Now you can have your favorite photo also in your skin. Picattoo’s allows you to choose your better recollections and turn them into perfect tattoos for your neck or your wrist.

Tattyoo’s includes floral drawings, geometric lines and also a collection for younger kids that are impatient to have a tattoo.