Taylor Swift street style

Taylor Swift street style – best fashion ideas

Taylor Swift street style is something that can always inspire you for fashion ideas!

The young singer is the queen of style! Her impeccable taste can be something to look up to when we choose our outfits. You can pick up some interesting ideas and pieces that we are sure you already have in your wardrobe.

For cold days, take a look how Taylor combined the color of her pants: to make a distinctive style, she made a bold decision to wear burgundy  nuance and dark green. In the dark green combination, she used red color details  to break the dim appearance. One of the recognizable details about Taylor Swift is her red lipstick. If you are one of the girls that are lucky to wear the red lipstick and it looks good on you, then you can make impressive look just by putting the accent on your lips. The difference in colors will give your look an impressive effect! You can make a color match with a sweater with details of different colors like she did with the hearts in different colors on her sweater.

It is a great idea for your everyday’s look since you can find these items easily and make fantastic combinations just with the things from your own closet.

Taylor Swift street style – dresses that are absolutely fabulous

If you look at her choice of dresses for every day, you may get into a temptation to go for shopping now, because that girl has a taste! With a little bit of effort, you can find pieces similar to her and make little experiments with your own style! You can make a retro combination of your own like she did with that gorgeous outfit of pale green dress and gentle yellow cropped top, resembling the ’70 fashion style. She even paired a glasses from that era and uses her red details to break the pastel tones and give the entire look a bit of vibrant touch.

Go check your wardrobe for some interesting, forgotten clothes and make a Taylor Swift street style combination! You’ll look fabulous with little details!