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Taylor Swift hooking up with Tom Hiddleston

Taylor Swift hooking up with a new guy already? And not just any guy, she is seeing Tom Hiddleston, famous actor. This news shocked many people.

Not so long ago we were reporting her breakup with Calvin Harris, famous DJ.

Officially the breakup was reported a little more than 2 weeks ago. Of course, now the rumors are going around about what is going on? To be precise, what HAS BEEN  going on? Because there are two possibilities. Or she cheated on Calvin, or she moved on very fast in her love life.

If she has been cheating on Calvin, guess this love wasn’t so perfect as it seemed. And if she was faithful, well, she really knows how to move on with the speed of light.


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What caused all this confusion were the photos taken from two of them hugging and kissing on the beach. According to some sources the two have met only 3 months ago so it is hard to believe that Taylor has been cheating on Calvin.

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However, this is now less important. Let’s see how this romance with Tom will move on.

For now, which is logical since it is just a beginning, they look cute. After all, she is very beautiful woman and Tom? Well, he definitely has something. He is spreading some kind of charm we cannot explain. So, let’s wish them luck. Shall we?

In the end, it is not such a huge thing these days to break up and jump from one relationship to another. Especially in the world of famous people. They all are very attractive and it is hard to be just with one guy or one women, when you are constantly surrounded with many gorgeous people. Not just gorgeous but sexy and hot too.