Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Has Had Enough Of The Kanye West Drama

If you’ve already seen the Vogue magazine’s issue for May, and didn’t have a clue who the pretty blonde is, let us help you out – it’s Taylor Swift. Yes, that’s right.

Taylor Swift has gone through an ultimate Vogue makeover for the first appearance in the American edition of the magazine and left many fans surprised by her unrecognizable look. While her trademark red lipstick is still very much there, it’s the platinum blonde bob that makes the heart of the transformation that leaves many puzzled. Also, her usual crop tops and flouncy skirts are gone – only to be replaced with the edgy outfits and Marc Jacobs platforms. And despite she’s all into baking cookies and stuff, this cover is here to remind you that’s she’s still very much present on the fashion scene.


Taylor Swift discusses her love life (and more!) in the interview for the May issue of Vogue


The fresh and surprising ‘Rock N’ Roll’ look of the international pop superstar is not the only treat Vogue has prepared for us.

In an interesting interview, Taylor Swift talks about her love life, the Kanye drama and her plans for the future, while visiting the childhood home and attending her friend’s wedding. Given that the part of the interview took place right at the wedding, the story naturally led to Calvin Harris, the singer’s boyfriend. When asked is she thinking about marrying her sweetheart, she said she’s not in a rush, taking things as they come. She also described their relationship as magical and expressed her wish to keep it all private and low-key.

She also discussed the Kanye West saga, declaring she’s pretty much over it and saying she has nothing to add to it, because if she did, there would only be more material for the world to continue with it.