i am addicted to you-Taylor Swift continued Over Shake It Off. 1

Taylor Swift continued Over ” Shake It Off”


TMZ reports that Taylor Swift is sued by a man who said he stole his words. And given the right to sign with a record of the input words are the basis of Fame Swift is probably fair to say that demand will put to rest quickly.



Songwriter Jessie Braham says Tay hit song “Shake It Off” , “borrows ” a song he wrote in 2013 called “The enemies hate Gone” . Words Braham ‘ s are ” The enemies have been hatred, Playas game disappeared .



Counterfeiters beware of them , they go wrong every day. ” The question , as he sees it, it is that the first part of this sentence is repeated 70 times in his song , which is problematic ..



While we are not legal experts , this seems to be a demand weak at best and at worst , a possible puncture.



And when we say get money , we refer to Braham seeks $ 42 million and added his name to the new impressions of the song